Ricoh Copier/Printers

Ricoh Printer Setup and Use.
1. Secure the Proper Print Driver below.
Ricoh USA Downloads
Download Drivers and software
Select MultiFunction B&W
Select Aficio 3025/3030 (600's & Student Services 3035)
Click on MacOSX.
Download the PPD Installer.
It will unpack and take you to the installer.

2. Install the Printer.
Run the installer until it completes.
Once you have the driver, Open System Preferences in the Blue Apple Menu.
Go to Print & Fax preferences.
Click on the + (Plus) sign to add.
Select IP Printer. This is the FULL FUNCTION install which will allow you to access ALL of the machines functions!
Enter the IP # (see below)
Under INSTALLABLE OPTIONS, the Bypass Tray is Installed, the Duplex unit is installed and the Finisher is Finisher 1000. These are what will allow you to print back to back and save a tree or two.
PS-At this point you can select it as your default printer by entering it in the proper box.

3. Print.
Select the printer # you just set up.
To print BACK TO BACK, navigate to the menu Copies & Pages, hold down the mouse and drag until you get to LAYOUT.
At the bottom of the dialogue box, you can select TWO-SIDED as
1. OFF
2. Long Edge binding (Top is the same on both sides) This the COMMONLY USED for BACK to BACK printing.
3. Short Edge binding (Top is opposite on each side)

Printer ModelLocationIP Address

Copier/ Printer-Aficio3030_Rm407a_10.30.0.053
Copier/ Printer-Aficio3030_Library_10.30.0.058
Copier/ Printer-Aficio3500_Counsel_10.30.0.063
Copier/ Printer-Aficio3030_Rm511_10.30.0.074
Copier/ Printer-Aficio3030_Rm111_10.30.0.081
Copier/ Printer-Aficio4000_Rm719_10.30.0.082
Copier/ Printer-Aficio3030_Rm801_10.30.0.094

Susie McMullin, x5361
Aaron Smith, x5364-PC Support, Channel One, Media