Athletics Contacts/Websites

  • Published: November 14, 2008 by harmsl
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Click on the link below to access CHS Sports Schedules.

CHS general office phone:

Mark Martens
Athletic Director, 503.263.7204

Lori Wujek
Athletic Secretary, 503.263.7216

Fall Sport/Activity Head Coaches
Cross Country (men & women), Tom Millbrooke, ext. 5949 | Cross Country Website
Football, Mike Vaught, ext. 5215 | Cougar Football Website
Soccer (men), Ivan Munoz, ext. 5301
Soccer (women), Ben Winegar ext. 5203
Volleyball, T.J. Schlatter,ext. 5301,
Cheer, Karlie Richardson, 503.312.7173
Dance, Jennifer Chaffee, 503.913.8989

Winter Sport/Activity Head Coaches
Basketball (men), Craig Evans, ext. 5726 | Website
Basketball (women), Brooke Cates, 503.201.2629
Swimming (men & women),Eric Laitinen,503-266-2761
Wrestling, Jeremy Ensrud, ext. 5708 | Cougar Wrestling Website
Equestrian (club), Advisor Andrea Cook | Equestrian Website
Snowboard (club), Advisor Cheri Dowhan

Spring Sport/Activity Head Coaches
Baseball, J.J. Stolsig, ext. 5206
Golf Greg Larrison , ext. 5324
Golf (women), Terry Bailey, 503.263.7216
Softball, Mike Higgins, 503.263.7216
Tennis (men), Kevin Vedder, ext. 503.263.7216
Tennis (women),
Caitlin Russell, ext. 5204
Track & Field (men & women), Tom Millbrooke, ext. 5949
Girls Rugby (club), Samantha Finch,503.263.7216
Boys Rugby (club), Greg Perez, 503.502.5300
Girls Lacrosse (club), Kristen Brown 503.263.7216
Boys Lacrosse (club), Patrick Verdun,

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